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Greetings all! :)

Two quick queries for E30 experts:

1. My about-to-be-new-to-me E30 has an M42 in it. I reviewed the oil grade table in a pdf version of the E30 owner's manual, which seems to suggest that for "summer" air temps in the UK, 15w/40 is probably the correct viscosity.

Do people follow those grade recommendations, or is there a consensus that modern high-grade oils are good enough not to bother (e.g. the Mobil 0w/50 BMW LL-approved stuff I used to put in my M54B30)?

2. The car has its original diff AFAIK, which being a 316i touring would, I imagine, be a 4.27 or 4.45. It's a bit oily, so I'll probably drop it some weekend soon to check/change seals and throw in some Redline 75w/90 for cheap "insurance". But how do I tell which diff I've got? Presumably there's something stamped on the cases, but what do I look for? Or can I get this off the trusty realoem 'fiche if I look hard enough?

Thanks in advance...
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