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We have a few brand new M Performance spares if anyone is interested, selling at a good price as far as buying them separately goes.

Part numbers as follows:

F32, F33 & F36

•B51.14.2.348.911 - "M Performance" Side Stickers £89.99 inc vat

•B51.19.2.339.218 - Rear Diffuser £230.99 inc vat

•B51.19.2.361.679 & B51.19.2.361.680 - Black Matt Side Skirts £110.99 EACH inc vat

•B51.19.2.408.993 - Carbon Front Splitter £520.99 inc vat

•B51.62.2.334.545 - Rear Carbon Spoiler (F32 COUPE ONLY) £222.99 inc vat

F30 & F31

•B51. - Rear Diffuser Black Matt £238.99 inc vat

All of these parts are brand new and still in the original boxes, and prices do include postage as usual.


Would be willing to do a bit of a better deal on the first lot of parts if bought all together, just ask for a price if interested or any further questions.

Kind regards,

Rybrook Warwick BMW Parts Team.
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