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Hi guys,

I’ve been looking at aftermarket alloys lately and I’ve been on the fence because I’m not sure if they are any good. They certainly look the part but at £500-£800 for a set of 4 I worry about their weights and strength compared to OEM.
These are the sort of wheels I’m looking at
Brands like, veeman, bola, foxracing and others I’ve never heard of.
The car in question is my e82 135i: 18” 7.5J front and 18” 8J rear I believe.

If anyone has any experience with budget aftermarket alloys I’d really appreciate an insight to your experience. Are they heavier? Do they buckle easily?

Thanks will be given!

EDIT: I did some research and it's pretty much impossible to buy wheels with the right offset without paying thousands. So I've scraped this idea in favor of buying some BMW style 313 wheels in 18"
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