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hi there, i am based near richmond, sw london.

looking for an able and willing enthusiast/mobile welder to help me patch up a moggie. a hand sized piece on the base of the front rail where the front bushes connect onto, a small cut and patch near the rear suspension mount and a hand sized cut and patch near the offside front door. oh and the front door needs adjusting and then i think she's ready to go in for her ticket.

remuneration offered and always happy to return the favour and give my time and a wiling pair of hands in return, be it mechanical or bodywork, a dab hand with the spanners and a wire brush. if you know of anyone or you have a little workshop and you're doing bits then that would be ideal. not opposed to an enthusiast that knows their way around a torch, flux and metal instead of a pro mobile welder etc.

if you have any ideas shoot them my way.
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