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Hi all, I'm new here, looking for a bit of guidance.

Had a bit of routine work done this week on my E46, service, brakes, MOT... Garage said they couldn't find the locking wheel nut remover, I told them exactly where it was, in the front console compartment - it falls out of the tool kit (lost one already), so I keep it there. And I'm 99% certain it was there when I parked it up at the garage - I tidied a few things away, and recall seeing it in there where it's been for the last year with few coins, made a mental note as I knew they would need it.

OK, so they couldn't find it, but instead of calling to ask what I want to do, they order a new set, mash up mine getting them out, and fit the news ones. And charge me for the set - not a lot (£20), but I don't like them - big silver thing sticks out like a sore thumb and doesn't match. They tell me they don't know of caps for this type. They are kind of insisting that they had no choice, but I would have liked to have been asked if I'd wanted to wait and get a new key, or switch for a set of standard bolts. I asked to have my old ones back but they said they'd been trashed. The handbrake light had only just come on orange, so I think the brakes could have waited.

I'm surprised though, this is a small dedicated BMW garage, do garages not have master wheel nut sets?

Don't really like what has gone on here, I had a £560 bill, so I think they customer service could have been better - what do you all think?

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