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Hi Guys

My Name is Carl (Gogsy)! I work for the AB team within the ABHQ:D! As we have been short staffed this week what with Mark breaking his toes (plonker) and Stephen recovering from a operation (get well soon Ste) i thought id better get some of these valet jobs cracked off! So here is a Golf i completed with some of our new products that we have recently launched!

We had a VW Golf TDI in recently for a simple pre sale Valet!
The customer was basically selling this car so he wanted it "just tidying up" for the advert and possible sale.

So no correction just pure and simple hand application and hard work!:D

Ehance was used to enhance the paint and reduce some of the swirls and Euphoria was used to restore the colour and protect.

Here are the pictures we took..

Thanks for looking at my work and i will be posting again soon.

Thanks Gogsy!:thumbsup
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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