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Hi to all. Just recently got my first ever BMW after over 20 years driving!!
Its a 97 318 tds SE which is very slow but suprisingly very economical returning 540 miles to a £51 worth of the black pump, so ideal for my 80mile round trip to work.
Im so impressed i might even change my 'main car' (2000 model Merc 200 sport) to an E46 flavour 320d.
A change in circumstances brought about the sale(s) of Jap exotica i recently owned including a very modified Skyline R33 - dont think i'd be getting around 51 mpg from that!!
So all in all the whole Bimmer has been positive so far - proving my father-in-law correct as he owns 330 clubsport upgraded from an E36 320i.........damn him!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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