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Poor performance. No DPF lights. Have replaced, MAF, Actuator, turbo is good, EGR and EGR cooler which attaches to the manifold via a concertina metal bellows pipe.
Whether its coincidence the replacement cooler has also been damaged where the bellows are and they have split around the edges allowing exhaust gasses to escape.
The coolant is also being blown past the two short hoses between the engine and the cooler.

My logic tells me it is exhaust pressure causing the problem? There is no DPF light or code indicating it is blocked on my OBDI
code reader.
I do not want to remove the DPF to find it is not blocked. When I put in the replacement cooler and EGR it went superb for a few miles
then the bellows split and power lost as exhaust gas was leaking from the bellows.

Any considered ideas please if you have the knowledge? If you do not know I do not need guesses that involves replacing of parts
until the problem is solved as I have already replaced good parts on wrong advice. (no offense intended).
Thanks, John.
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