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Hi and thanks for comingm into this thread to help me before I hang a rope up! :mad:

I've had quite a few BMWs now and this is propably going to be the last one. Its a 2007 318i N46 engine with 80k on the clock. Its pumping out white smoke (with a hint of blue) and the coolant is pressurising so I've already assumed head gasket despite the fact it passed a sniffer test and there is no signs of coolant in oil. I got a leak down tester and discovered a 20% loss of pressure in each cylinder, the leakage of air clearly sounding like its coming from the crankcase.

So it would seem that upon trying to confirm a diagnosis on the headgasket (hoping to find leakage through into the coolant) I've discovered something equally bad if not worse! So my question is (before I quickly rebuild and get rid of the car) would I be right in concluding that the piston rings are done with 20% leakage or is that normal? I haven't driven the car long enough to know if its losing oil but would that be enough to cause a loss of oil?

Thanks in advance!
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