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Hello all....Please help me!

I bought a 3 series 2006 BMW with a CD73 radio factory fitted. All it could do was play FM radio, CD's and Aux. I then bought a identical looking radio on ebay from a 2011 3 series which had the added benefit of Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Radio works lovely but when i call anyone i can hear their voice but they cant hear me. So i realised i need to purchase a mic, which i did brand new from ebay. It connects straight in to the radio but guess what...still does not work.

I've read a few threads on here and some people are mentioning Bluetooth bits in the boot (trunk) of the car, and there's talk of MULF units which means nothing to me. If the Bluetooth works on my radio i cant understand why anything would need to be fed from the rear of the car. All I need to do is get the microphone working. I've definitely got the correct microphone so I don't think that's the problem.

Does anyone have any advice on what I'm missing here? Am i supposed to wire in some additional parts? I contacted BMW but they were useless saying I couldn't get Bluetooth for my car. This obviously isn't true as I can hear the person on the phone so I'm half way there.
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