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Hi all,

I've been looking to buy an E46 for a while and have come across this 2003 318Ci (PETROL) MANUAL SE 2 door. Its got 107156 miles on it and is going for £1500. The price is somewhat ok for a dealer and the bodywork is in great condition so the only worry is the mechanical state. It recently failed an MOT with the following problems;

-Front exhaust system insecure
-Play in steering rack inner joints
-Suspension arm ball joint has slight play both front outer
-Offside Front Wheel bearing rough when rotated
-Nearside Rear Wheel bearing rough when rotated

This car is being sold at a dealer who said he will run it through an MOT and ensure he fixes anything that comes up and will give me 12 months MOT and 6 months warranty on everything from engine and gearbox to suspension. This makes it seem a pretty good deal for £1500 as worst comes to worst it would be a 6 month joyride. I am slightly worried as it seems like the price has factored in some of the issues but from my research it would cost more to fix than what the price reflects.

I've got an OBDII scanner and can check for engine codes to be safe but aside from this can you advise what else I need to look for specifically in light of the MOT advisories above? Is there anything in particular I need to feel for when testing the severity of the steering rack issue and wheel bearings?

Also what kind of common problems do I need to look for in this model at 107k miles?

I really appreciate any advice that you can give me as I am new to the E46 and any help would go a long way!


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Hi,the e46 is generally a good car and seen as you are getting the car sorted by the garage,then you are pretty much covered.
Make sure that all repairs are carried out in pairs,both sides,not one.
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