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Hi folks,

Hope you are all well, new to the site just a wee hello.

Currently driving a 318TDS Compact '99 in silver. However after 7 years with the fuel saver, she's getting sold in the summer and making way for an M3.

Looking for a fully loaded '04/'05 plate, grey, coupe, standard M, around the 50,000 miles mark. It would also be nice if I could get the red nappa leather as well but that's not a must. Not sure whether to go SMG or manual, I have drove both and liked the SMG but, there is the cost if it goes wrong so I'm swaying towards manual but I'll wait and see what comes up.

Quite a few for sale at the moment on the usual sites but, like I said car isn't getting sold till summer so can look but that is all at the moment ha-ha.

I will keep yous posted on the search when it kicks off.


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