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I own 2 N47 1 series a 2009 E88 120D and a 2008 E81 118D.
I have had CP4 pumps failures on both cars the 118d failed in 2018 had replace tank pump hpfp injectors and rail (all used ebay parts)now 30000 miles later still running fine.
Recently the 120d failed and did all the above repairs and 3 weeks later hpfp failure again.
This time I did all the same repairs again but I did 1 important modification I fitted a high pressure pump from a 2018 bmw which after my research on real oem (same pump sprocket part no) would likely fit.
It did fit perfectly.
This pump has one major difference to the older pumps , a torx screw in the back which prevents piston rotation.
Is this the cure for the CP4 car is now running great no codes and actual and expected fuel pressure are the same

So all good.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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