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hi there.

let me introduce myself.

i am xpress. and i am a petrolhead.

i am going to have a party when my car reaches 100'000 miles.

by which time it is going to roll like velvet silk pillows across the sunset on new bearings.

we will all have many parties in celebration of our beloved chariots.

it's going to be quiet and comfortable.

it's going to do 75 miles for a tenner.

it's going to have headlights that don't let any water or condensation in them.

and i am going to love it even more and restore it to its full glory.



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is this what im suposed to do or something else first
You could try starting your own thread rather than hijacking someone elses! Say as little or as much as you would like about your car, what your plans are for your car and what you have joined for.

Hope that helps

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