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Hi all,
Just purchased my first BMW, ( 120D SE 2005 ),

REALLY happy with the handling and tech (for the age)

However I do have some issues:

1 - I think it sounds like the DMF is starting to fail
= Im just going to wait until this gets worse before I replace due to costs I think.

2 - The Pixels on my Professoinal CD player are broken
= Does anyone know either cheapest way to fix the dead screen on the CD Professional? or is there a newer head unit that is cheap and cheerful that will be a good replacement?

3 - The boot keeps unlocking itslef when im driving :D
= Im trying to work out if its the key or something else causeing this

Does anyone have any recomendations on good performance / cost mods or maintenance I should think about?

Thanks in advance and sorry for stupid quesitons :hihi
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