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If anyone can help me that would be so appreciated.

Started a year ago when driving in heavy rain and went through a puddle.

The speedometer stopped working, coupled with these warning lights,
handbrake on,
Traction control,
Restraint system,
Seat belt,
Tyre pressure.
Because the speedo wasn’t working all functions associated with speed stopped as well, e.g. indicator cancelling, intermittent wipers, power steering at lower speeds, cruise control, audio volume adjustment. Surprising how many functions are connected with speed.

Nowadays the speedo normally doesn’t work. Occasionally it works, as I recall, after washing the car with a hosepipe or driving in the wet, it works for a second or sometimes for longer. When it does work so does everything else, except for the PDC system. The PDC was intermittent but now it doesn’t work at all. I’ve disconnected the PDC unit but no difference.

Predominant the car error message is Restraint systems faulty! But I get Control systems-Drive Moderately, Ignition faulty, steering lock engaged, servotronic failure, PDC failure.

I’ve tried an OBD diagnostic reader which shows only one fault P0500 – Vehicle Speed Sensor A.

BUT, the car drives well! These faults do not exist.

I’ve been to the BMW dealer who plugged in and tried to diagnose the fault. They said because the control module attached to the ABS pump wasn’t original they couldn’t diagnose the fault! They could only recommend they replace the control unit with an OEM unit to find the fault and then deal with that. To replace the control unit alone will cost £1600! Then they would deal with any further faults.

Now to me it feels like an earthing type fault, because it works when water is involved, more than one thing is flagged as wrong, when it does work everything suddenly works as normal (except for the PDC which now doesn’t work at all).

Can anyone help?
Does anyone recognise this problem?
Does anyone know where the earthing is for speed related items that I could check?
Or any other thoughts to track down the problem?

Many thanks
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