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318ci, n42 engine. 2004.

I've been getting a fault code which showed i needed to replace my MAF, which i did today.

I took the car out afterwards, and within half a mile, it started making the most incredibly loud whine at low revs. It goes away when i accelerate.

I remembered the issue happening to someone on here a while ago and it turn out to be a collapsed top breather pipe, on top of the inlet manifold.

This turned out to be true... the suction (vacuum) is so strong that it was pulling the pipe inwards so that it no longer worked.

I replaced it with a new one... but the noise is still there. It sounds like it might be coming from under the manifold which would suggest the CCV valve?

Any ideas? What would cause such a strong vacuum in the system? Can i just clean the CCV?

Also codes P1050 and P1062 are coming up... as well as the EML light.

Any help much appreciated.

For what it's worth, ever since i've had the car (2 years) it has had sluggish acceleration (as if it's limited) until it's been running about 1 minute, then it suddenly springs into life and has plenty of power.


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