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Hi all, newbie to site.

My Renault scenic diesel box just lunched it's diff........happy days! Sold for £800 as it stands.

A close associate has bought to me a Beemer 93' 320 SE auto, metallic red, 104k in mint condition, all MOT's and BMW service history to 2001, plus all specialist receipts for............£600

So, that negates the need to buy another car for the next four years:D

Also run a 95' MX5 track car, and an 03 plate MX5 mk2.5 road car for sunny days and sillyness.

Have been big into bikes and trackday scene for the last 12 years, but lost my mojo now and sold up my bikes for the forseeable.....a trackday last year in a Spitfire race car at Oulton convinced me that RWD and lightweight cars are the new bikes.

I love this BMW.......the only think it needs apart from polish is a nice leather interior, the front seats have small wear marks, but i am loving the totally original condition. Everything works The car has a lush gearbox and good power, feels like a 2 year old motor. No bleed on the displays on the trip computer etc. Fantastic. The best 600 notes ever spent!

Look forward to participating in what looks like a cracking forum:thumbsup,

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