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We are very pleased to become one of the forum sponsors and look forward to offering advice and special offers to those users who are interested in tuning their BMWs.

We are a specialist tuning company and design, develop and manufacture tuning products and services. Our team of ‘car enthusiasts’ have decades of combined experience in the automotive sector. We invest heavily in the research and development of our tuning products to ensure maximum gains for our customers in power, torque and fuel economy whilst maintaining reliability and durability! We offer both our own in-house designed digital tuning box systems and remapping services and tune almost everything from the E36 tds to the latest xDrive Euro6 spec models.

Our twin channel tuning boxes control fuel and boost and are available with multiple maps allowing you to customise to your own specific needs. Our systems can be installed and removed easily by you in a matter of minutes, are traceless and therefore leave no history on your ECU. There is also the option to re-programme our tuning boxes for future vehicles. We ship our tuning products to customers in locations worldwide, so no matter where you are located in the world, we can program to suit your geographical location and fuel grade.

In addition, we provide full remapping services for all vehicles including those with the later Tri-core EDC17/MED17 ECU’s at our premises in Chelmsford, Essex. Our Technical Engineers undertake a full vehicle diagnostics check prior to any work commencing on your vehicle and will write and modify the map to meet your specific requirements.

Below are a couple of examples of models we tune on a very regular basis, providing the owner with great results.

A 2013 BMW 335 xDrive Euro6 spec fitted with a CRTD2® TWIN Channel increasing power from 308-376bhp and increasing torque from 630-731Nm.


The owner of the BMW above recently left a very positive review on our Facebook page –

“I previously bought a system from TDI Tuning for my Mercedes and I was
really pleased with the results. As I now have a 2013 BMW 335, I took the plunge
again and bought a CRTD2 twin channel tuning box system. My main
requirement was to increase the performance of my BMW so TDI Tuning
customised a map for me. Really happy with the results! The BMW was punchy
as standard but the tuning box has transformed the way the car drives with
significantly more power. They fitted the system for me and the service
provided by the team was second to none and nothing was too much trouble. I
would definitely recommend TDI Tuning.”

Sean PH Slater

520d fitted with a CRTD2® TWIN Channel tuning box system increasing power from 181bhp to 239bhp and increasing torque from 380-464Nm.


You can find further unbiased customer reviews and feedback on our products and customer service on our Facebook page and in our independent Feefo reviews.

Our products are very competitively priced and offer great value for money. We are pleased to offer bimmerforum users a 10% discount. Please use the discount code Bimmer1 on our website or when you call.

As we are so confident about our products and services, we offer a 14 day money back guarantee and a 3 year warranty on our tuning box systems. We also offer a ‘try before you buy service’ at our premises, so you can see the results first hand!

For more information or to make a purchase, simply visit our website –Diesel Tuning | Diesel Engine Tuning | TDI Tuning or please feel free to call our dedicated technical team for a chat on 01245 924 405 with your vehicle’s:

* Registration Number or
* Make, Model and Year

We are always happy to answer any general tuning questions that forum users may have.

For offers, free giveaways, car information and updates, like us on facebook.jpg
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