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I to you all out there. I am not new to the BMW marque having owned and ran a Topaz Blue Metallic 2000 (W) Z3 2.0 litre Auto complete with OEM Hardtop and 'M' Sport Staggered Wheels.

My car was locally bought from a dealer and was a 63,000 miles example but initially without the Hardtop and 'M' Sport Staggered Wheels.

I have just agreed to take delivery of a nice 2002 Series 3 325 Ci Automatic Convertible in Metallic Gold with a Buttermilk Nappa Leather Interior and Bids Eye Maple interior trim.

The car is a 59,000 miles two previous owners (one family) example and in extremely good condition having been a Summer and occasional weekend car.

My Z3 was becoming more and more difficult to get in and out of - thanks to inconsiderate 'Joe Public' and their habits of simply abandoning their cars instead of parking them up with consideration to others. Pushing 71 yrs young and with a Prosthetic Knee and limited bend and Arthritis in my other knee and hips - I figured that the 325 Ci would be just fine.
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