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Hi everyone!

I have just registered with the forum, so that I can keep a log of my 2004 330cd as it approaches 300k

currently at 235k. I do all the work myself and really want to get the absolute best value from this car.

we also have a 2007 E90 320 sport coupe, that I am not that keen on. I prefer the 330cd.

With the relatively high mileage that I will put on any car, I just cannot bring myself to spend £30k on a car that will end up with 100,000 miles in 3 years and will have lost £20k. cost of fuel is bad enough!

in spite of my frivolous approach, I am also prone to throwing money at "projects". backburner projects for this car are to upgrade to a Quaife LSD, once the current clutch has been given up the Ghost!

thread is here:

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