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I need the wheels on my 2002 E46 330 Coupe refurbishing - the lacquer is coming off so badly tyre fitters can't get balance weights to stick anymore! And they've all been curbed a bit, too.

I found this place on the web and they sound quite good, but personal recommendation is worth a 1000 words on a web site, so does anyone have any good or bad experiences to relate?

They've quoted me £276 to strip, refurb and re-fit tyres, in a single day. I've not been able to find anywhere cheaper.

Also, on an aesthetic note, I'm rather tempted to go for the the Charcoal Anthracite (shown here : rather than silver - do people think that would look good, or like a drug dealer's car? My car is already lowered, and some of the chrome work (e.g. grille) has been colour matched, so maybe it already looks like a drug dealers :)

Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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