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Stumbled across this guys modded E60

I am not sure what he has done exactly, some of the stuff is way over my head (and possibly over the top) but it simply looks stunning and then some.

The bit I was interested in is the HU and the (i assume) custom leather blanking plate. Looking like the attached pic below.

I'm assuming changin to a HU and (possibly) a cd/dvd changer it will play mp3s and still keep all the MF sterring wheel controls and i series diaplay....?

Does anyone know of a shop that can do an install remotely close to this for an E60.

I would be looking for the following:

Replacement speakers (all round if poss)
Possible amp - but i know nothing about them
Must be mp3 compatible, preferably dvdr and cdr
Must keep all standard MF wheel controls and i series display.

I want it to be as subtle upgrade as poss....

I'm going back to drool over his car, he's probably not married or got any kids lol! Red! :D

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Wiring could've been tidier for sure but I would be more concerned with the location of that electronic box that's wedged in amongst the all wiring through the back of the glove box. I bet he gets interference:hihi
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