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Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice.

I've been advised that if I select the HK system it will delay delivery of my 440i Coupe by an extra 6 weeks on top of the 13 weeks they are already quoting. I have the HK system in my 435 Coupe now and its quite a decent system in my humble opinion.

Now that I cannot have the HK system as I can't absorb the delay in delivery I was wondering what options are available to upgrade the standard hifi system. As its a personal lease car I wanted something that is plug and play and after the term of the lease is easily rectifiable back to standard. I do appreciate this will involve some physical intervention by way of replacing speakers, installing an amp, replacing speaker grilles etc. so I'm accepting some level of work on the car.

The HK system is a £820 option so I'm aiming for something around the same price band if that's even possible.
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