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Hello all

Im having trouble with my audio install, I only have the base system and am trying to run a amp for a Sub and my fronts.

I only have the base system so dont have the amp in the boot so having to connect loc inline with the normal audio wires and run them to the boot.

i am have loads of problems with whine and have tried a few things but really dont know where to go now.

If the amp is plugged in on its own and connected to the speakers there is no noise at all except a slight buzz when the gain it turned all the way up which is expected.

as soon as i connect my loc to the RCA all hell breaks loose. i am having to run in a mono set up at the moment, coz if i connect one channel to the loc everything is fine but as soon as i connect the other the whine starts and is very audible.

I have tried grounding the rca and that did nothing also took a ground all the way from the boot to the head unit casing to see if that made a different.

However when i took the car for a little spin with the rear seat out i head the same noise, this seems to be coming from the fuel pump, it is not a pumping noise but the whine noise. there is no other electrical issues to my knowledge with the car.

Any help is much appreciated

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