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Hi everyone. New to the group but have loved Bimmers since day 1! iv bought a 56 plate 520d a few weeks back. i think i paid above the odds for it but cuz i drove such a long way to see and the guy who sold it pulled my bluff that i was not going to buy it (had to call him back and say il take it :rofl) wouldn't budge on the price i just bought it.

It's a smooth drive but very slow to take off. my previous car was an e90 320 d which i had remapped and that use to fly. this is so slow to take off. iv had the dpf cleaned out but has made no diff.
it does make a grinding noise now when the clutch is not fully pressed down or up and the garage has confirmed it is teh flywheel. my question is will i need a new clutch too and is this affecting the speed of the car?

thanks in advance for all answers.
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