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Hi Bimmer Fam,

Unfortunately last night I got into my first accident since I've started driving 8 years ago. Was joining a dual carriageway from a slip road and there was one car in front of me and the acceleration lane was free so the car in front seemed like it took off and I did a final check on the acceleration lane and it was free, but like an idiot before looking forward I had accelerated and by the time I looked ahead his car was right there, for some reason he stopped again and I braked but still hit him it was too late. It was such a silly mistake and I keep beating myself up about it, but it is what it is it's done now :(

Luckily his car wasn't damaged because he had a tow bar, but it probably meant it did more damage to mine.

This is the damage done to my car (images below), think the bumper is repairable, but the interior grills will need replacing, also the left side of the bonnet does not properly align when closed now hoping after repairs this will be aligned. After I drove off I heard what sounded like some pieces moving on the undertray, so hoping it is broken pieces from the inside grills and nothing else.

I've never been in an accident before so I don't know any reliable bodyshop in my area in North London (more specifically Palmers Green, Winchmore Hill, Southgate area), if anyone knows any it would be much appreciated if you could share them with me or if you have any advice on how I should go about getting this repaired.

Also, if anyone has an idea, how much do you think the repairs will cost around?

Many thanks!

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