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If you haven't yet bought GAP insurance for a car that you purchased up to a year ago, you're running out of time.

From January 22nd onwards, we'll only be able to sell GAP insurance to cover a car that you bought up to 3 months in the past.

If you've been delaying buying GAP insurance with the intention of buying it towards the end of the first year of ownership (e.g. your motor insurer might cover you on a new-for-old basis during the first year of owning a brand new vehicle), now is the time to act before you potentially lose the ability to buy GAP insurance cover at all. In some cases (if you do have new-for-old cover with your motor insurance) we may even be able to permit you to defer the start date of the policy by up to 12 months from when the vehicle was first registered - thereby allowing you to avoid *possible* duplicate cover in the first year but, still benefit from cover in year 2 onwards.

January 22nd is a strict deadline which will not change. If you're contemplating GAP insurance, get a quote online today at or contact us to discuss your requirements on either 01484 490095 or [email protected].

Remember too that forum members get 10% discount using code: "BIMMERF10"
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