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So recently my 320d just died on the Motorway, as in lost all engine power. (No issues with the electrics). And then would crank but no start. (Will fire with starter fluid).
So I'm pretty confident it's a fuel issue.

ISSUE NO. 1 - No power at pump

I checked all the fuses and 54 in the glove box is good and 3 under the bonnet is good.

I swapped the relay with the horn relay and there was no difference and the horn works on both relays.

I've checked the wires all have good continuity BUT I have no 12V at the fuel pump when priming or cranking.

I tried bench powering the pump and could hear it whir but for some reason no fuel came out the spout. However it does now for no apparent reason.

So I tried running the pump connected up but with a separate 12V and can hear it pumping fuel through the pipes but nothing comes out at the injectors.

Any help would be much appreciated! Really keen to get this back on the road!!
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