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I'm not sure if this is a generic problem with all top of the range BMW 3, 5 or 7 models or just specific to the E65 7-series?
I've got a facelift 2006 E65 and the passenger mirror just goes round and round and stops in the strangest of positions?:confused? I know it's had a knock at some point in its life so it will be related I'm sure.
I would guess there's some kind of micro switch inside the mirror, or servo motor that works on mechanical resistance when it hit a detent (too much force so it stops)?
I took it to a reputable BMW specialist and he said it is a micro switch and I have to replace the complete mirror? :eek
Hmmm....seems a bit excessive (and expensive!) for a small problem? Basically I can't use the powerfold function which is quite annoying with such a big car in small parking spaces!:mad
So, I'm hoping you guys might know better,:thumbsup you might know how it works if there's a simple fix?
If not, then if I have to buy another mirror (£200+ from breakers, eeek!:jaw-dropping) there seems to be a couple of differences, 9 wires or 13 wires?
My car is quite highly spec'd and I believe they are heated, folding, tilt down in reverse and auto-dimming (photochromic glass?) so I can only assume I need the one with the most wires? I'm just not sure of the reason for the difference between 9 and 13 wires?
Any help or direction (or spare part) much appreciated chaps :thumbsup:thumbsup
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