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Ok people i had the problem that one day randomly after leaving my car locked by the fob and when returned the alarm would not disarm. I had to use the key to open the door which set the alarm off and hazards flashing. I opened the bonnet and silenced the alarm. I replaced the battery and still nothing happened. I posted for help a number of times but didn't get any so after looking through a number of forums and reading up i finally managed to disarm the alarm and get my fobs working again. Unfortunately i didnt take photos as i went so i'll try and keep it as simple as i can so here goes:

1. Go and sit in the passenger side of the car, the alarm will set off and hazards flash but will eventually stop.

2. Remove the glove console, very simple just removing 6 screws. 2x in the passenger side vents, 2x when open the glove box, and 2x at the bottom (you can remove the wiring for the glove box light and torch power if you like more space to work)

3. The alarm module in my e36 BMW 318is was found on the left hand side covered by a metal protective plate, guessing so a thief cant break in and just rip the alarm out. You will need a special screw to remove the module and plate coving it. The security screw head needed is like a star but with a hole in the middle as the screw it self has a round thing in the middle :S

Once removed it should be as pictured

4. The part under my thumb where the white sticker is on will now need to be lifted up carefully . You'll see the line going round and down the side. Prise it open with a thin flat head or a sharp knife. Lift it equally from each side as inside this part you have about 8 needle thin pins and if you bend or snap one then i guess you'll need a new module.

5. Now to finally deactivate the annoying alarm and flashing hazards! This is done by shorting 2 of the pins. Using a small piece of wire with the ends exposed, short pins 1(bottom) to pin 6(3rd from top). This will make your car central locking lock and the alarm activate again.

Now short pin 1 to pin 8 and this will cause the doors to unlock and the central locking will open you door locks. The alarm is now disactivated (this is the equivalent of a known keyfob sending a command to the alarm to disarm and also open the doors).

6. Now that the car has been deactivated replace the black box back ensuring you do it carefully and the pins go into the right holes slowly. Just under the white sticker in the picture you can see a round hole. Using a torch and looking in you can see a small black switch to once side. Use a thin nail or something push the switch to the other side - alarm is now in learning mode.

7. Now press the RED button on the fob or all fobs you are reprogramming to the car one at a time.

8. Flick the switch inside the module back to the other side....hey presto you fobs should now work. Put you alarm module back in the side and cover it with the metal plate, install glove box back and all done :)

If you require any help then feel free to message me, all the best.


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