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So I got kind of sick of having to make new CD's every time I went on a long journey and then having to fill the CD changer which had no CD Text. I also just bought a new Bosch S5 battery in the Eurocarparts sale (extra 10% off) that I needed to code to the car (that's easy to do with INPA).

Previously I had taken the car to the independent who had updated my CCC to the latest version but still couldn't get MP3 to work so I didn't trust them to be able to code a new battery and decided to do it myself.

Installed INPA / NCS Expert and the whole shabang on a 5 year old laptop I had laying around (win 8.1 x64), used it with a cable I got from BMCABLES.COM about 4 or 5 years ago and it works perfectly.

So these are the steps I took to enable MP3, in case anyone else is interested:

INPA - Not sure if this step is required
1. Plug in cable and load up INPA
2. Put Key to Ignition 2
3. Exit INPA

NCS Expert - Read ECU
4. Create blank "FSW_PSW.MAN" file in the NCSEXPER\WORK folder.
5. Load NCS Expert
6. Load Revtors Profile
7. F1 (VIN/ZCS/FA) and then F3 (ZCS/FA f. ECU) and choose E64 and LMA
8. F6 (Back)
9. F4 (Process ECU)
10. Select CAPPL
11. F1 (Change job) to CODIERDATEN_LESEN
12. F2 (Exectute Job)
13. Create a backup of the FSW_PSW.MAN file created in the WORK folder.

NCS Dummy - Change code to full
13. Load NCS Dummy
14. Select E60 chassis
15. Select module CCC_APP.C09
16. Browse for the FSW_PSW.TRC file
17. Scroll down for "MP3_CCC - MP3 SUPPORT" under the section "SA SW ACTIVATION" (it was coloured light blue in my version 1/3rd of the way down)
18. Select the checkbox for "full - full"
19. Click on the "Export FSW/PSW" button

NCS Expert - Code new value
20. Assuming you haven't closed the application - F1 (Change Job).
21. Select SG_CODIEREN
22. F2 (Execute Job)

After the job has executed, turn your car off and on, chuck in an MP3 CD and hey presto. You now have MP3 capability.
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