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Good evening all
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place please move if it is.
I’m trying to ring the root of my issue but have multiple errors coming up.
I have a e90 2005 320d
It all started after I bought it, I had intermittent lights in the dash (abs, handbrake airbag and tyre warning light)
Also the wipers would switch to intermittent blower motor stops, windows stop working, radio turned off and indicators would not auto cancel.
After reading up I thought it might be either water in the electrics under the bonnet or abs module/ pump.
Had a mechanic who apparently knows BMW’s well plug it in who basically said it could be any anything but he couldn’t talk to the DSC module.
Anyway I’ve decided to go it on my own and investigate.
So I’ve got INPA and searched stores codes and this is what I have.
00 JJBF 4 errors
A6D1 61
C910 64
C914. 64
C90B. 61
01 MRS. 1 error
93FB. E4
12 DME/DDE. 14 errors
4C13. 68
4C23. 68
4C28. 68
49F3. 68
43F1. 72
4C03. 68
4992. 64
3F62. 74
4BF3. 68
4212. 24
4232. 24
4222. 24
4242. 24
4B90. 11
40 CAS 2 errors
A118. 20
A0B5. 61
50 SINE 1 error
9D12. 11
60 KOMBI 3 errors
A3AC. 60
A3B9. 60
A550. 60
72 FRM 2 errors
9CAC. 21
9CCF. 64

after resetting and not driving these have straightaway come back.

A6D1. 61
01 MRS
93FB. E4
4C13. 48
4C23. 48
4C28. 48
49F3. 48
4C03. 48
4992. 44
4BF3. 48
A3AC. 60
A3B9. 60
A550. 60

So has anybody seen anything like this?
Could someone point me in the direction of where to start looking?
I think personally it could be Steering angle and re flow the solder?
would this be a good start?
replace battery?
Any help or advise would be greatly received .
I’ll scan again after a drive to and from work tomorrow to see if any of the other codes return.

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I think I'd check the battery voltage at rest, and the battery voltage when being charged by the alternator. Dodgy batteries can throw all kinds of trouble - and one of the first things to go sideways under low voltage conditions is the ABS which takes traction control and puncture detection with it.

Should be up over 14v when charging, and not less than 12.4 when fully charged but rested.

(By 'rested' I mean, fully charged but not having just removed the charger or switched the engine off - ie give it half an hour to settle, or if you're impatient, put the headlamps on full for 30 sec to remove the topping charge and reveal it's true state).

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So... on the hidden menu on the dash I’m getting (after leaving lights on for 30 secs to take the top off) 11.8-11.9v
Then I start it it jumps up to 14.5-14.6v.
Turn the engine off and it drops to 13.5.
Is this an ill battery ?

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Cool, I’ll change it tomorrow and update, if that is not the issue do you think the steering angle sensor would be the next thing to try?
I noticed today the steering lock icon came on today and read that would cause a lot of the issues I’m seeing with the traction control etc

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You need 12V to start up the car a good battery should be in 12.46v range. The steering lock comes on after changing battery, you need to turn the wheel full lock left and right to caibrate it and return powersteering

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Right so , update.
Changed battery for a new one, now not dropping below 12.5 v.
Unfortunately the issue is still there.
Fault codes are still present.
I have tried clearing them but they will not go.
I do believe I do not need to programme the battery as it’s not got the battery recognition system, no option on INPA .
How come the codes are not straight forward and point directly to the issue!
It’s very frustrating!
Anyway any advise or input on what to try next.
Or is there a better software I can use to diagnose?
Would it be worth cleaning the steering angle sensor?
Is there a way to test this or the sensor under the drivers seat?
I’d like to eliminate these before replacing as after that it would point towards the dtc module.
But the codes are not matching the common DTC errors everybody gets
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