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Ok a bit of history first. I purchased this car just under a month ago from an authorised BMW dealership as it was a year old with very low mileage 2600.

I ran my previous E91 320d into the ground, so this was a big step up and a bit of a dream car, especially the 6 cylinder engine.

Even with a 19 inch staggered setup the ride is reasonably compliant and a big improvement on the early run flat experience which was horrendous. On my E91 I eventually swapped out the tyres for standard rubber on 16 inch rims which was great.

Now to the main issue, basically after driving a few hundred miles, I noticed that there was a rumbling noise which was more noticeable on the motorway. It was coming from the passenger side tyre as if it was on the edge of the tyre. At first I put it down to the RFT tyres which are Bridgestones and known to be in the noisy side and then I noticed my steering wheel was off centre to the right. I decided to take the car to Wheels in Motion to get an alignment check. I’ve used them before as they are very knowledgeable and are recommended across multiple forums.

Well I’m glad I checked as it showed a up an issue with the front camber which is out by over a degree. See attachments for results of the alignment.

Now this model of car doesn’t have any toe adjustment and can only be adjusted via BMW OEM swivel bearings, however this only gives about -0.5 degree of adjustment so my car will still be out.

I’ve got it booked into a BMW Dealer next week for investigation but I’m not holding it much hope and I’ve got a feeling that they will want to do their KDS alignment check and charge me before they do anything else.

Anyone on the forum had a similar issue and got any tips or advice.

Not a great start to my dream car.

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