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Hi People,

Looking for some help. Was out with the car earlier. And when I was trying to get out the inner drivers door handle decided that it would snap! At the moment I have an adult proof interior now! I have to put the window down to get out haha! On a serious note I know I will be able to get one cheap enough from a breakers yard or on the net, however I have no idea how to get the old broken one out. As there is no sign of a screw to undo it. Is it a whole door card off job? Any advice on how to do it. I have tried good old youtube but unfortunately it only gives how to remove the door trim and do everything else but what im looking for. At the moment I guess i'm the only person ever been unlucky enough to break a handle! I'll admit its the first time i've been unfortunate enough for it to happen! I don't have the strength of the hulk before anyone asks! haha.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks Bimmer Handle.jpg
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