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Hello all, new to the forum hence posting here.

I have a 2014 F11 with 70k and I've been having issues with the rear suspension for about 4/5 months now with no warnings on the idrive.

It first started, when I would leave the house in the morning and the back end would be dropped, only to inflate when I started her up and tbf the back end would stay up, for days weeks, but something was obvs up.

I looked online and could see the rear bags going was a common fault, so I got a garage to check the bags before I bought a pair.

When I got my MOT the local garage said he could see a leak on one of the bags after inspection when he sprayed with washing liquid.

So I decided to buy a pair and get them fitted, which cost £300 parts and labour for ASUS bags, the bags were £172 for the pair not super cheap ones.

Got them fitted and all was Ok for a week or so then the car dropped again and now its completely gone as the compressor wont inflate the bags despite it whirring away?

I've been told by the bag supplier its my compressor, but like I say its still whirring away trying to pump but not inflating?

It is now in the garage but its still inconclusive....It has had an auto electrician look at it and he can find no electrical fault so not a sensor issue.

I was just wondering if anyone has had similar issues, i.e. the compressor still working but not inflating? leaky pipes? or a compressor that is shot but misleading because its still working? I'm just a bit confused as to what it can be and don't want to spend hundreds incorrectly as I already have with the bags it seems?

p.s. on the way to the garage I final got a warning about the chassis and to drive moderately:sarcastic 5 months later

Sorry for the long post


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