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I hope everyone is well. I needed some help. I have searched HIGH and low on the internet for a DIY for an exhaust manifold replacement but i have found nothing.... ABSOLUTELY nothing anywhere. Does anyone have a DIY of how to change my exhausy manifold on my 2005 320cd. It is a covertible (not sure if that makes any difference) with an M47 engine.

Any help or DIY would be appreciated.

I believe I need to take the airbox out but after unbolting the nuts the box still does not seem to move. It looks like it is one big unit that goes under the injectors and everything else. I have a cracked exhaust manifold (stainless steel) and have got a cast iron replacement. now i just need to replace it along with the gaskets/nuts and screws.

Please provide me with any help or advice and DIY if possible.

Many thanks

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