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Hi Everyone

I bought a F31 320d xdrive (184bhp) 2016 a few months ago which I absolutely love but I’m doing a lot of miles so looking at a remap to improve mpg. I know someone who has had a remap before and he said go for the performance and it gives you better economy anyway.

Is this true? Obviously I’d love more poke in power but if I can get fuel economy improvement on a performance remap, feels like a no brainier for me?

Appreciate any guidance on this!


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That goes without saying to be fair... just wanted to see if you get an added benefit on MPG if you drive economically with a performance remap?

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I normally see around 225bhp with 350-360ft of torque after our custom remap on our honest dyno dynamics rolling road
Customers always tell us they have better mpg after our remap from tank to tank readings

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-Correction of Engine ECUs Cas and key fitted to your car (when a key set from a different car has been used).
-Digital Service Records rest and corrections in idrive screen on 2013 onwards cars.
-DPF repairs fixed without the need of removal
-40% of my work is repairing the problems that are caused by other tuners remap

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