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Car: e92 335i 2007 SE

Damaged my front bumper and rather than repair I want to change to the mpsort model. The only area where I think the e92 SE model lacks is from the front – msport really enhances it.

Anyways from reading there seems to be some confusion about what parts are actually needed.

My main question is can I just go to a breakers and take the parts needed off a pre LCI e92 any model (mostly 320d’s there)?
Are there any extra or special parts required for the 335i over what I’d find on a 320d?

All bumpers on ebay come stock so a breakers just seems easier than having to go searching for all the fenders fog lamps etc.

On a side note can the msport side trims just be swapped over also?

read this thread but it contradicts other things I've read:
supposedly not all parts are required.
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