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Hi Everyone,

I recently bought a Superchips Bluefin for my 335d, about a month / 2500 miles after flashing my ECU I noticed some soot appear around the exhaust tips. Previously it had always been very clean, as you'd expect from a car with a DPF. There have been no warnings displayed on the iDrive, the Bluefin device itself has an OBD code reader which shows no DTC's stored. Not being an expert I assumed the car must have done a particularly dirty regen recently or something, due to extra soot produced by burning more fuel. Over the course of the month I noticed it wasn't quite as exciting at the top end of the rev range as it was when the superchips map was first installed, so today I had it dynoed. The results were rather disappointing: DSC_0327.jpg

The green is with the standard ECU map, the red is with the Superchips map. As you can see low end power and torque is fine, but is really lacking at the top end. I would expect to see at least 280hp with the standard map and well above 300hp with the Superchips map. The Superchips dyno graph claims 339, and while I don't expect it to match that exactly, it is nearly 50hp down.

I'm now thinking that my DPF is the problem, as restriction in exhaust flow would be consistent with the decent low end and poor top end. Along with the recent soot and the way the performance felt like it gradually deteriorated over the past month.

So before I get booked in for another 6 months of paying off my credit card, has anyone on here experienced this sort of thing before? Am I right in thinking that the soot round the exhaust would suggest the DPF is broken? I was under the impression that the car had plenty of ways of telling me about that sort of thing, any ideas?


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