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Hello. I have a E90 m47n2, Standard 122hp. have made some mods to enter the 230 ~ HP. A project similar to the user "Holendru". The Problem is that after assuming gt2056v (originally Mitsubishi), the following errors appear

* 1 is a fixed error 2 the others appear after driving.

ISTA during the test positioner crashes are:

Her tips:

Live values with boost.
Batch Input

Program input (CHIP)

The Turbo Adjuer is cut but goes to the end when turning the ignition on and off.

On the previous turbine (mitsu) I had the following bugs revealing the lack of boost

Finally, after the assumption of the used GT2056V, the car goes normally but after a change of gear below 2 rpm/min appears a large 1 second "lag". Turbo has a problem to react to a remote recharge after the chip tune. Should the turbo change from the mitsu to the GT2056v should it communicate without obstruction with the ECU? The Turbo has the original positioner (GT2056V), it was not translated from Mitsubishi. I agree to the positioner (again), although strange is that the recharge is despite errors. Have you met one of you with a similar problem? I wonder even above the beam going to the positioner, but I do not know if this is a good clue.
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