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Hi everyone,

Been having problems with vanos system. First would like to mention, that no cold start problems. When i bought this car it had 2a87 error - Variable camshaft timing (Vanos) exhaust, mechanism. NO EML was on. Then turned EML on, checked with INPA and had a 2a82 code also stored Variable camshaft timing (Vanos) inlet, mechanism. When it threw this code, car ONLY at idle rpm started jumping and then stalled. Restarted and no problem. But car didnt drive quite well till it goes above 3000rpms.

OK so i got Vanos solenoids out with Vanos one-way valves and cleared everything in gasoline, and also giving voltage on solenoids whilist cleaning. It was a big difference in how they sounded when working, after my cleaning, thought that would be the end of the problem. BTW car started to drive much better and reacted better on a gas pedal till 3000 rpm.

No cold start problems and rough idle. Starts perfectly. I cleared all the codes. Driven a little bit and no codes were stored. Day after, when i almost stoped at the junction car started to rev again, revs jumped up and down, and stalled again.... Read the codes - 2a82 Variable camshaft timing (Vanos) inlet, mechanism.
I changed in places Vanos solenoid to see if now throws a cod in "exhaust". But again at idle after some driving revs started to jump and almost staled. Had to turn of and the on again, and again no problem. Drives ok.

Did an INPA vanos system test

At the end it told me "Check fault memory on records in connection with the camshaft adjusters" (google translate from german)

Checked the engine error history and saw that i had 2a80 and 2a85 which are Variable camshaft timing (Vanos) inlet/exhaust activation. Didnt see those errors before, strangely. But maybe it was cause of that i left a key in ignition and switched vanoses.
MAF error was cause i disconnected it by myself.

Lately it only throws a code on a Inlet mechanism, and not all the time, you can like drive 50km and no errors stored, happens when it wants...

I ve been thinking here, could it be an electrical problem? Cause i did notice that when the car is runing the voltage is about 14.3 and when i step on a gas pedal and release it , voltage drops for a moment to 12 v and then rises quickly again.

Oh, i hope you understand what i have writen here =)


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