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About two months ago I decided to lower my 320d.
I'd had it tuned a while before by SP Tuning in Hinckley (£175 for an increase of 171ps to 210ps and about 70 more torques). Completely changed the car I was driving. Slightly sluggish saloon to something, nearly, comparable to my old 325ci (E46).

The handling let it down. Was quite wallowy and had a fair amount of lean. Not that I even drive that fast anymore, but with the increased power, it happened by accident (sidenote: my MPG has gone up by about 1mpg even though I'm driving a bit more aggressively than I did before, mainly because of the power increase).

To improve the handling, I got some new springs. At first I was going to 'do it properly' and get Eibach springs. But given the price (~£300 vs less than £100) I thought I'd give the AMAX a go. Worst case I'd have to change them and put them on eBay for a bit of a loss.

So far so good. Done about 3000 since install and have no complaints at all. Ride is firmer (as to be expected) but at no point uncomfortable. I won't suggest that they are as good as the Eibachs, but I could barely tell the difference in ride quality, though I could on handling. It all felt firmer and more taught.

I know some of you will say 'if you've got a BMW then why not spend a bit more on the better springs'. Well for one, I'm only likely to keep the car for a year or two at which point regardless of what springs I have on it, I won't get my money back. And secondly, why pay 3 times more for something that is nearly as good? (I did get my 4 wheel alignment done though for about £90).


The wheels had some curb damage. Nothing major, but enough to look a bit crappy. Also, looked like the lacquer was coming off/some sort of fading (couldn't get it in pics).

So wheels off anyway for the springs to go on. Decided to try Full Dip (which is the same as plastidip).

Jet washed, dried, alcohol wiped, then sprayed with black dip with a gold pearl on top then glossed over with their gloss spray. Idea looked great in my head, but not so much in reality. They just look a bit bronze.

About a week later I got a puncture. The repair place manage to blemish most of it around the rim so it looked curbed to F.
Ended up peeling it off. Came off with ease, but now I have one side silver and one side 'gold'.

Anyway, pics below :thumbsup

EDIT: OK, pics didn't load for some reason. Will try again
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