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I have an usual grinding noise that came on quite quickly this past week after a 600 mile trip. I noticed a noise that was quiet and high pitched, I could only hear it on the motorway cruising at around 50-60mph. The noise changed to a light grinding noise that has gotten a little worse over the past few days.

I have jacked the car up and there is no play in the wheels or obvious grinding noises when each wheel is turned individually. The noise now is most prevalent between 20-30mph and is present whether in or out of gear and is not RPM related. When I hear the noise if I turn the engine off the noise stops, then when I turn the engine back on (still moving at above 20mph) the noise comes straight back.

The noise seems to emanate from the nearside front area and can be heard from outside the car by someone else by the roadside.

The car is otherwise in perfect running order.

A garage suggested dual mass flywheel but I would like some advise from other sources before spending money on a non-certanty.

Any one have any experience they could offer please?
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