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I hope everyone is doing ok! :)

I am having a really annoying issue (and dangerous when on a motorway) with my E70 3.0sd, when I boot it, it will sometimes cut out and the engine will die and the gear selector will place the gearbox into N. Until I place the car into P / Park, remove my key, re-insert and start (then it drives fine)

Code's I have been getting are:

42CD - DDE: Injectors, cyl. 1, 2, 3, activation
4767 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 1, activation
4787 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 2, activation
4797 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 3, activation
47A7 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 4, activation
47B7 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 5, activation
47C7 - DDE: Injector, cylinder 6, activation

I have checked the wiring harness for chafing and the ohm's read 182~ -> 200~ which from other posts seems to be within the correct tolerance. I have also checked the ECU for dampness / water ingress and there is absolutely nothing.

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