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Hi guys (not sure there's many 7-owners on here?):frown but will ask anyway.
My previous BMW was an E61 535d M Sport Touring, amazing car and LOTS of ooomph! With twin turbos and a remap it was something over 300bhp. I no longer needed an estate so I decided to go for something more luxurious, but within similar budget (£8k-ish). I've owned my awesome E65 730d Sport for a year now and LOVE IT!:thumbsup, however, the ONLY thing I find myself wanting and missing is the extra grunt of the twin turbos.
So my friends I've been scouring for a few weeks all the ads for an F01 740d (ideally an M Sport). It seems that early ones 2009/2010 with 80k to 110k miles are still fetching £16000-£20000!!
Now this is where you guys that might have owned or driven both hopefully come in.
What I'm struggling with, yes I understand the F01 is better probably in every respect, I LOVE the more modern styling and double rear exhausts (saddo), but at TWICE the price :jaw-dropping :jaw-dropping is it twice as good, twice as luxurious, twice as economical, twice as fast? Is it worth the upgrade and extra expense for a car with similar miles as I already have?
I soooo want one but really struggling to justify the extra £8000-£10000 on top of mine. I guess the non M-Sports are cheaper so might be an option, or another 730d in F01 style is also a consideration (but not what makes my heart beat faster). Maybe I've just hit the 'sweet spot' of 'value for money', at £8k and 30mpg it does most things admirably, but it still leaves me hankering for the bad boy 740d M Sport :confused
What's your feelings chaps? All thoughts and opinions well respected :thumbsup
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