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i have a 2006 e63 650i soft top came in with restraint system faults

fault codes were internal error and 93c1 occupancy mat these would not clear using launch

i replaced the pad with a occupancy emulator then sent ecu off to be repaired he fixed the internal error got it back all ok except restraint system fault

code read again and now have 93fe roll over protection controller not fitted and it will not clear at all
if the roc is disconnected you then have 2 codes 93fe and 93ff when plugged back in claer dtcs again 93ff goes but 93fe remains as does restraint warning and airbag light

he tells me the fault is the srs ecu but im not convinced

i did speak to the customer and 18 months ago it had roc error they replaced the roc and cleared codes and all was well until the internal error mentioned above

can anyone help before i pull even more hair out

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