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I had oil filter changed yesterday, been told there is engine oil leak, I knew there was as was told by an MOT garage last November.
I have done 4000 miles, 18months since last oil change, haven't topped at all, dipstick level was down from max to 10mm above min when checked 2 weeks ago. Guess not huge leak, nothing on driveway but been told lots of oil on bottom tray but can't see any from the top, could it be leak from back of the engine?

Where do I start from?
I have watched @Timm video about leaks. I am also considering to get rid if costs to fix too high.
It's low mileage 56k but 15 year old car with 15 year old plastic/rubber "BMW" seals

The nearest BMW indie is birdsauto in Iver, never used have good reviews but pricey.

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