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I've had an alarm 'code' on my car for as long as I can remember. Highly annoying if your even slightly OCD.

See below for pictures of the part in question. On the E60's it's apparently under the wheel arch on the left hand side. After wasting 20 minutes removing said wheel liner I discovered that the E61's siren was actually located behind the drivers side liner, behind the bumper hanger - not a two minute job to remove. (I should have known this having replaced my bumpers a couple of years ago!).

Anyway, remove the vast majority of the liner screws and pull the bumper edge out so you can get to the bumper hanger. There's 3x8mm screws and 1x10mm bolt. Once you've removed the hanger you can see how to easily remove the siren for battery replacement. The most awkward part is lining the bumper hanger back up as letting it hang lose on the bolts takes your bumper 'out' of alignment.

Batteries required are CR123A's x2. Much cheaper than a new unit which is roughly £180 and sealed so the batts are inaccessible.

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