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Before i bought the 5 series i had a choice of the W211 estate ,W211 saloon and E60. Now that i have bought the 5 series i have no regrets.

But i always think when I'm driving behind the W211 that it looks a bit..dated model now... Not sure why this comes to mind but although it looks OK I see so many that every other car is a W211 classic or 2003/2004 E class. There are swarms of them...its no longer special anymore.

I got the W211 when it came out in 2002 but sold it in 2005. Those days it was the new E class...

With the 5 series I do see a few but not as many..but they always are well specced/decent alloys/good condition and you appreciate the cars. I think that although the model is being replaced next year..its not showing its age and many of us will keep it a good few years like the E39 which still looks a good car. I mean compare the E39 with the W210..which one shows its age.

I also think that the owners of these E class are not the typical/business owner in his mid 50s but there are a good few idiots who ruin the E class brand cos they are now so cheap...The other day one..E200 Classic cut me up and was overtaking everyone ...not something you would see in a W211 ..maybe BM but not Mbz:hihi

BM drivers tend to be more well behaved these days than the Mbz
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